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Myths About Sleep You Still Believe

Something we all do is sleep. We all know that the more sleep that we get, the better and even iff you don’t, you can catch up on it later, right? Except that none of those things are true. Splory will take most commonly believed myths that you likely still believe about sleeping and explain truth behind them. Here are myths you still believe about sleep.

The more sleep you get the better

Studies have shown that people who sleep more than eight hours a night on average, die younger than people with a shorter sleep schedule.

Myths About Sleep You Still Believe

A warm glass of milk before the sleep

It turns out that after studying milk effects on the body, scientists discovered that milk alone, won’t give your body that knock-out punch that it needs.

Myths About Sleep You Still Believe

Watching TV while in bed helps you fall asleep

Truth is, studies have shown that sleeping while the TV is on, can actually lead to health issues such as depression and ironically – insomnia.

Myths About Sleep You Still Believe

If you wake up during the night you’ll be tired the next day

Sleep studies have shown, that waking up in the middle of the night doesn’t effect the amount of energy you have the next day. Unless you fail to go back to sleep.

Myths About Sleep You Still Believe

You can catch up on sleep

That’s not how our bodies work. That ten hour sleep-in on Saturday morning might feel good at first, after about six hours the energy will drain away leaving your reaction time about ten times slower.

Stay awake while driving by turning up the radio or opening the window

Multiple studies have shown that any effect that thay have on tired driver is either incredibly brief, couple minutes or doesn’t work at all. You have to pull over and catch a 15 to 45 minute nap.

Myths About Sleep You Still Believe

You need less sleep as you get older

It turns out, we all need roughle the same amount of sleep to remain heathy. But while most of us sleep only at night, older people tend to take naps during the day, adding to the total amount of sleep that they’re getting.

Myths About Sleep You Still Believe
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